Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lackey Die

LACKEY DIE was the first hardcore band to come out of Charlottesville, VA. This 2010 7" is a collection of recordings from both 1984 (Side A) and 1985 (Side B). This shit totally rips, the first side is utterly perfect.
Lackey Die

Brown Sugar

At this point, this band needs no introduction. This record picks up exactly where the LP left off. I was anticipating this record for so fucking long, especially after hearing that it was a split release between Feral Kid Rex and Fashionable Idiots Rex. Let me tell ya kids, it has drastically exceeded my expectations. So. Fucking. Perfect.
Tropical Disease


The Secret Prostitutes

I fucking love this band. It's weird though, I've found that there's no middle ground with these guys. People either love em or hate em. I feel like it has to do primarily with the vocals. They're extremely high-pitched and squeaky and snotty and all around fucking awesome. The music is ULTRA poppy and extremely catchy. They close the record with a NUBS cover and it really couldn't be any better. Get in2 it.
Mati Di Moskow