Monday, December 20, 2010

Blank Stare

This is what a live recording should sound like. These straight edge mosh warriors dish out twelve tracks of quality hardcore in just under sixteen minutes. Most of the stuff they play here is their newer material. Everything is incredibly fucking tight on this recording and all the levels are set perfectly. This is honestly some of the best live shit I've ever heard. If the Introduction doesn't make you want to mosh to death you officially hate hardcore.
Live at Side Two

Brown Sugar

Now this tape is really something. It opens up with a very interesting rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" which is followed by the infamous Deportation EP. Side B contains the Superman Demo (which is only one song and definitely one of their best) and some live shit. Listen until your heart stops.
Deportation EP and Some Other Trash

More Brown Sugar

Guinea Kid/Neurons

These are the final recordings of both bands featured on this tape: A SPLIT TRIBUTE TO DEVO! Guinea Kid's side is by far the better side, with two originals and a cover of Devo's "Mongoloid." However, Neurons certainly does not disappoint and delivers some pretty EVIL shit on their side, with one original and covers of Devo's "Devo Corporate Anthem" and "Penetration In The Centerfold." The best part about this tape is the packaging. It comes wrapped in a screen printed patch, complete with two inserts: one is a small card with a photo of some fucking dude with band info on the back and the other is a folded piece of paper with lyrics on the back. This is seriously some sick & twisted shit.
Guinea Kid/Neurons Split
Guinea Kid Myspace
Neurons Myspace


I picked this up at Duress' 7" release show last year. The quality is pretty terrible, but it's a fucking radio session so you really shouldn't expect much. This was recorded in February of 2010 on Harsh Distractions radio. ENJOY DUDES.
Radio Session

More Duress
Even more Duress

Vile Intent

I saw these guys back in August, I believe, where I picked this gem of a tape up. I hadn't heard them before that and I was fucking blown away to say the least. Vile Intent plays powerviolence in the vein of Infest (as one can tell by the tape cover) and they do an absolutely killer job. The introduction to their song "Shepherd" makes me want to rip somebody's fucking throat out. Tracks are NOT split up, cry about it.
Tour Cassette

Monday, December 13, 2010

Born Bad/Duress Split

I had no fucking clue that this existed until today. I was fortunate enough to pick it up along with some other really sweet shit. Both sides are absolutely killer. Duress is dead and I guess Born Bad is soon to follow? Either way, enjoy.
Born Bad/Duress Split
Born Bad Myspace
Duress Myspace

More Born Bad
More Duress

Friday, December 3, 2010

Night Fever

Four words: Night Fever fucking rules. If you don't know this already you fucking POSE. This is their demo plus a little added bonus.