Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Fre$h demo from these Toronto hardcore heartthrobs. This is some straight up blistering, no holds barred 80s hardcore featuring Iconic Ivan of SCHOOL JERKS workin' them skins. His fills are utterly mind blowing. The treble-ridden guitar tone, reminiscent of the FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES (best band, OBVIOUSLY), and the washed out, reverb drenched vocals make me want to puke all over myself in the best way possible. If you're not already convinced that you need this then your soul simply cannot be saved.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Brown Sugar

First of all, let me get this bit out of the way: this record is a flexi-disc which PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF. It's flimsy, has poor sound quality, the fucking needle plays over the screen printed logo every time the record ends, and not to mention that the whole idea of a flexible record is just fucking retarded. However, the music on this thing is fucking incredible. Hands down the best BROWN SUGAR release to date. Three concise songs with the pizazz and notorious tempo changes that these dudes are known for. On top of all that, the layout/printing is extremely impressive. Upon purchasing this record I was told that it was screen printed something like two or three times. Ridiculously awesome. Feral Kid Records scores yet again.
Edit: I realized that there was a skip in the second song so I made a new rip.
Get Fuckin' Mugged!


Brown Sugar/Mayday

Fairly new split from one of my absolute favorite current hardcore bands BROWN SUGAR and some band that I've never heard of before called MAYDAY. BROWN SUGAR truly delivers the goods on their side with four tunes in the same vein as their earlier work. MAYDAY's side is too long and, in my opinion, pretty god damn boring. It lacks substance. I honestly don't play their side whenever I spin this. But it's really all okay because the BROWN SUGAR side definitely makes this worth owning.
Brown Sugar/Mayday Split


Razor X Fade

What can I say about this? They're still pissed and still EDGE. The guitar tone that is etched into the grooves of this slab of wax is so piercing and abrasive that it quite literally brings tears to my eyes. In summation: BACK WITH A BANG.

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