Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Freeze

The second and final component in the II part ALIVE 1980! Official Narrow Mind Blog series. This time THE FREEZE steps up to da plate. This installment is very similar to the last one (see below) in the sense that both records capture the bands at a very formative period in their respective existences. Herein, one can hear the primitive, mid-tempo versions of THE FREEZE's most classic songs, like "We're Not The Abnormal Ones" and "Halloween Night." And hey, "Don't Forget Me Tommy" actually sounds like a punk song this time around (as opposed to the almost New Wave version that's on the single). There's even shit from Rabid Reaction on here. This is definitely one of the best live punk records of all time so feast yer ears.
Live From Cape Cod

The Lewd

Part I in the II part ALIVE 1980! Official Narrow Mind Blog series. I mean c'mon, this is fucking THE LEWD. Do I really need to describe this for it to entice you further? Post-Kill Yourself, pre-American Wino. Perfection? I think so. What really makes this a treat are the three studio tracks at the very end, two of which  can be found on the live B side of American Wino. Do it!
Lewd Conduct In A Public Place

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Narcs

One of the most underrated bands of today from the most underrated scene of today. I was fortunate enough to play with these guys twice and hang out with them a bunch in Rochester on the BIRTH DEFORMITIES tour and it was a fucking blast. These guys are as fun in person as they are live. Every show was incredibly tight and literally everybody in Rochester knows the words to their songs, it was a madhouse. My favorite song on here is "Rat Bone." That intro sounds like it's taken straight from a Jimi Hendrix song or something. The rest of the record has a real lo-fi, surf-feel to it, aside from "High Robot," which sounds like something along the line of THE SPITS. Buy this record if you haven't already, idiot. LONG LIVE ROTCORE!
Long Hot Summer

The Secret Prostitutes

Another band that needs no introduction at this point. This record is better than the LP but it still doesn't top "Mati Di Moskow" for me. You be the judge. It really doesn't get much better than this.
The Kenrock 7"


Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Absentees

I think the name of the record says it all. For those of you unfamiliar with THE ABSENTEES, they were a fairly obscure punk band from Long Beach, CA in the early 80s. They came out with a single, "Tryin' To Mess With Me b/w FUM" in 1981 and were since forgotten. That is, until their song "Tryin' To Mess With Me" was put on Killed By Death #7 (if you're unfamiliar with the KBD comps, do yourself a favor and get off my blog. Then promptly kill yourself) in the early 90s, thus creating a shitstorm of record dweebs going to all ends of the earth to get their slimy phalanges on a copy of it. Good luck finding it nowadays, there was only 200 released and they go for about a grand a pop. What we have here are some studio outtakes from '81. Little known fact: Randy Scott played drums in this band and eventually went on to join MODERN WARFARE, the greatest fucking band of all time. From Mr. Scott himself: "Don't be afraid to ride that floor tom sometimes. That's what I did on the 45 recording of 'Tryin' To Mess With Me,' when I started with THE ABSENTEES. Jello Biafra liked it enough to drive down to Long Beach to get the record back in the day. Others accused me of ripping off THE DAMNED and their song 'New Rose.' All music is taken from previous work and changed here and there. Joke?" Indulge yourselves.
4 Previously Unreleased Punk Rock Faves From 1981

Crooked Bangs

Self-proclaimed "gloomy fuzz punk" three-piece hailing from Austin, TX. I can't say that I disagree with that classification. This reminds me of the more musically inclined Urinals material with more of a polished edge to it. The lyrics are in both French and English which I think fucking rules. All in all a totally solid record that I highly recommend you check out.
Crooked Bangs LP

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Male Nurses

The first of the Sick Club singles series from the one and only Cowabunga Records. One of the best records of 2012 thus far.

School Jerks

Pound for p-p-p-pound, the best around.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Birth Deformities

Hey so I just got back from the BIRTH DEFORMITIES tour so I figured that it would be rather fitting to post our latest release, this here 10". I'm not going to describe us cuz that would just make me feel like a jackass. Rest assured, we love all the cult 80s stuff and it shows in our sound. One look at the cover and I don't even need to tell you to download this. Shameless self promotion fucking rules.
Buy This While Supplies LAST

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The Canadian Cavaliers are back and they just keep getting better and better and fucking better. They don't need an introduction at this point; if you find yourself questioning who they are, I strongly recommend that you stop being the colossal, inutile sack of shit that you are and download this. I'm eagerly awaiting my copy on lavish white wax, but I got the okay from Chris of Hardware Rex to post it a bit early. Besides, people need to hear this behemoth of a record. TO ALL MY CHICAGO/NWI HOMIES: memorize the lyrics and be prepared to fucking rage to this come June 15th.
Will You Feed Me? (NO! NO! NO I WON'T!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Monday, May 14, 2012

The Victims

WELL I'M BACK. With the encouragement from a few friends coupled with the excruciating guilt that has languidly eaten away at my already decrepit and rotting soul caused from my lack of posting, I finally intend to keep my posts at a somewhat consistent basis. And what better way to comeback with the best Australian punk record of all time? THE VICTIMS (no, not the god damn crust band) were a short-lived, late 70s punk trio hailing from Perth. This is their second EP (1978) and I was fortunate enough to score a totally solid boot earlier last week. My favorite part about this 7" is the (quite obviously) unintentional stripped-down, hollowed-out, treble-ridden sound. The drums are at the perfect level: soft enough to hang back just behind the crunching guitars yet loud enough to provide a constant and pounding rhythm so profound that it rips a fuckin hole straight thru your head. The guitars are fucking MEAN in the best way possible, with the sound of the two guitar tracks constantly grinding together, which is heard especially on "T.V. Freak." I can't even begin to describe how much I love this band. Hell, you owe them the fucking world and you don't even know it yet. YOU'RE ALL DISCO JUNKIES.
No Thanks To The Human Turd EP

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Well, it seems as though my mediafire account has been suspended. I'm not exactly sure why, but it's a total fucking bummer regardless. I thought about just deleting this blog after I found out, but I've decided that I'm gonna keep it going. I'm gonna have to re-upload all the zip files onto a separate account and it's probably gonna take a while. Be patient, I'll be uploading new shit as soon as possible. THIS AIN'T OVA.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've been meaning to post this for quite some time now and it's about god damn time. Toronto's KREMLIN is back and even better than before. This is the follow up to their utterly flawless demo, which can be found here. This tape actually came out pretty soon after their demo, but for some reason I can't quite come up with I've neglected to post it until now (big mistake). After hearing the demo for the first time, I concluded that it was not humanly possible to top those four juicy cuts. Alas, KREMLIN continues to outdo themselves and I continue to make a complete ass out of myself. These guys are easily one of the best hardcore bands of today. My favorite part is still Ivan's drumming. Those fills!
There's a little white noise in the background of this rip. It was unavoidable. I'm not sorry. Cry about it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Modern Warfare

Debut 1980 7" from one of the greatest to ever exist, Long Beach's MODERN WARFARE. This slab is just as good as the first but in a much different way. They take on more of a mid-tempo,groovy vibe on this one. In other words: less hardcore, more punk. I've been dying to reissue this thing but I just can't seem to get any solid contact information....oh well. Ripped from the original record.
Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare

THE quintessential 80s hardcore record!!! I cannot stress enough how fucking incredible this slab is. Originally released in 1981, this is the second 7" from Long Beach, California's MODERN WARFARE. The opening cut, "Nothing Left," is an ultra dark, evil track entailing some of the weirdest yet catchiest riffage I've ever heard. The dueling guitar tracks intertwine with almost bloodcurdling screams to create one of the most unique sounds in all of 80s hardcore. Side B is really where it's at though. "No Passion" and "Suburban Death Row" are absolutely fucking perfect. I posted the reissue of this a while ago and have since been fortunate enough to snag an original copy, so I figured I'd make a rip for you ungrateful fucks.
Edit: I noticed that Suburban Death Row was fucked up so I took care of it. Re-download this if you already have!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lackey Die

LACKEY DIE was the first hardcore band to come out of Charlottesville, VA. This 2010 7" is a collection of recordings from both 1984 (Side A) and 1985 (Side B). This shit totally rips, the first side is utterly perfect.
Lackey Die

Brown Sugar

At this point, this band needs no introduction. This record picks up exactly where the LP left off. I was anticipating this record for so fucking long, especially after hearing that it was a split release between Feral Kid Rex and Fashionable Idiots Rex. Let me tell ya kids, it has drastically exceeded my expectations. So. Fucking. Perfect.
Tropical Disease


The Secret Prostitutes

I fucking love this band. It's weird though, I've found that there's no middle ground with these guys. People either love em or hate em. I feel like it has to do primarily with the vocals. They're extremely high-pitched and squeaky and snotty and all around fucking awesome. The music is ULTRA poppy and extremely catchy. They close the record with a NUBS cover and it really couldn't be any better. Get in2 it.
Mati Di Moskow