Saturday, February 25, 2012


Well, it seems as though my mediafire account has been suspended. I'm not exactly sure why, but it's a total fucking bummer regardless. I thought about just deleting this blog after I found out, but I've decided that I'm gonna keep it going. I'm gonna have to re-upload all the zip files onto a separate account and it's probably gonna take a while. Be patient, I'll be uploading new shit as soon as possible. THIS AIN'T OVA.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've been meaning to post this for quite some time now and it's about god damn time. Toronto's KREMLIN is back and even better than before. This is the follow up to their utterly flawless demo, which can be found here. This tape actually came out pretty soon after their demo, but for some reason I can't quite come up with I've neglected to post it until now (big mistake). After hearing the demo for the first time, I concluded that it was not humanly possible to top those four juicy cuts. Alas, KREMLIN continues to outdo themselves and I continue to make a complete ass out of myself. These guys are easily one of the best hardcore bands of today. My favorite part is still Ivan's drumming. Those fills!
There's a little white noise in the background of this rip. It was unavoidable. I'm not sorry. Cry about it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Modern Warfare

Debut 1980 7" from one of the greatest to ever exist, Long Beach's MODERN WARFARE. This slab is just as good as the first but in a much different way. They take on more of a mid-tempo,groovy vibe on this one. In other words: less hardcore, more punk. I've been dying to reissue this thing but I just can't seem to get any solid contact information....oh well. Ripped from the original record.
Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare

THE quintessential 80s hardcore record!!! I cannot stress enough how fucking incredible this slab is. Originally released in 1981, this is the second 7" from Long Beach, California's MODERN WARFARE. The opening cut, "Nothing Left," is an ultra dark, evil track entailing some of the weirdest yet catchiest riffage I've ever heard. The dueling guitar tracks intertwine with almost bloodcurdling screams to create one of the most unique sounds in all of 80s hardcore. Side B is really where it's at though. "No Passion" and "Suburban Death Row" are absolutely fucking perfect. I posted the reissue of this a while ago and have since been fortunate enough to snag an original copy, so I figured I'd make a rip for you ungrateful fucks.
Edit: I noticed that Suburban Death Row was fucked up so I took care of it. Re-download this if you already have!!!