Monday, December 20, 2010

Vile Intent

I saw these guys back in August, I believe, where I picked this gem of a tape up. I hadn't heard them before that and I was fucking blown away to say the least. Vile Intent plays powerviolence in the vein of Infest (as one can tell by the tape cover) and they do an absolutely killer job. The introduction to their song "Shepherd" makes me want to rip somebody's fucking throat out. Tracks are NOT split up, cry about it.
Tour Cassette


  1. omar and i are putting the first chunk of songs from this tape (as well as an additional track not on it) out as a 7", should be out in like a month. seriously my favorite current band right now, glad you posted about them. -robby

  2. That 7" is gonna be fucking incredible. I also picked up their "Shadow of the Skull" 7" which is equally as amazing as this tape. I'm extremely stoked on that 7" though, you gotta keep me updated on the progress of that shyt.

  3. well we got tests already, but they had to be rejected due to the utmost minor imperfection in pressing error, so it pushed things back a bit. new tests are in the mail. art is being sent out this week for the covers. i think VI is setting up some kind of release show in late january, if not early feb, that will be when they officially drop. pressing plant woes...sigh