Saturday, June 25, 2011


Just when I thought this band couldn't get any better, they drop this monster of a record right on top of my fucking head. SCAPEGOAT is back, ladies and gentlemen, and they sound as pissed as ever. I ordered this thing off the Painkiller Records webstore the day that it came out. After constantly listening to SCAPEGOAT's previous 7" and tour tape for about a year and a half, it was the very least that I could do. I waited in anticipation for 3 fucking weeks for this thing to arrive at my doorstep and let me tell ya, it was worth every second of the wait. Twenty crushing, manic powerviolence anthems in the vein of CROSSED OUT. This is my favorite release of theirs yet, and it is certainly their most diverse. My favorite part about this record is the fact that they rerecorded most of their flawless tour tape. That and the transparent orange vinyl. HAMMATIME.
Scapegoat LP

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