Sunday, October 31, 2010

Violent Change

Now this is some classic shit right here. This band played two shows and released this demo (with a terribly corny layout) and that was it. Hardcore skate punk inspired by JFA, Minor Threat, etc. Features members of Razor X Fade and Poor Choice, Birth Deformities, and not to mention the legendary Tom King. DIG IT SON!
Self Titled Demo!


  1. yea i think I heard these guys live one time and it was dreadful. I had to shower afterwards.

  2. I find the song "Woman Driver" to be very misogynistic and enouraging of the already male-dominated woman-hating atmosphere currently held in hardcore.

  3. Somebody didn't read the insert.

    Dude AJ, can Narrow Mind cover one of these songs? Please?

  4. I was actually thinking about doing "Posi Jump" for the demo but I decided against it for some reason. Who knows, maybe it'll resurface on the next release...