Monday, October 4, 2010

The Apocolypse Is Near...

I've finally finished cutting out/folding the covers and inserts for the Narrow Mind tapes. They will be dubbed and available for purchase in the very near future, so get your pocketbooks ready. This hot little piece of plastic will set you back two bones. Once they are fully ready to be dispersed, they'll be available through the Frankenjew Records site. There will be one hundred made, each being delicately and lovingly hand numbered. One more absolutely thrilling announcement: I've decided to turn Narrow Mind into a real band made up of, believe it or not, real live people. It will consist of Mr. James Mehdi Farabi of Socially Retarded on guitar, Mr. Kristopher Aldo Di Benedetto of Parrhesia on drums, Mr. Max Norman Winkelstein of Poor Choice on bass guitar, and myself, Mr. August James Durso III, on vocals. We will be having a tape release show in mid to late October, so be fucking ready. Stay punk.

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