Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The Canadian Cavaliers are back and they just keep getting better and better and fucking better. They don't need an introduction at this point; if you find yourself questioning who they are, I strongly recommend that you stop being the colossal, inutile sack of shit that you are and download this. I'm eagerly awaiting my copy on lavish white wax, but I got the okay from Chris of Hardware Rex to post it a bit early. Besides, people need to hear this behemoth of a record. TO ALL MY CHICAGO/NWI HOMIES: memorize the lyrics and be prepared to fucking rage to this come June 15th.
Will You Feed Me? (NO! NO! NO I WON'T!)


  1. This record smokes, thanks for putting me onto these guys! You are totally right about the drum fills.

  2. Have you got your copy yet? Thanks for posting this! -Chris Hardware