Saturday, July 7, 2012

Birth Deformities

Hey so I just got back from the BIRTH DEFORMITIES tour so I figured that it would be rather fitting to post our latest release, this here 10". I'm not going to describe us cuz that would just make me feel like a jackass. Rest assured, we love all the cult 80s stuff and it shows in our sound. One look at the cover and I don't even need to tell you to download this. Shameless self promotion fucking rules.
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  1. Ola AJ, how's it going man ? Been a while.
    I e-mailed you to thank you a while back for the stuff you sent me, but never got a reply.
    Anyhow, thanks a million again !!!!! Just split the tracks for new Birth Deformities, if you want me to send back to you, no problem. Or if you want me to post on my blog, I can. But I thought i'd ask first since it just came out.
    Anyhow, hope all is well my friend !
    New Birth Deformities rips !!!!! Maybe best release so far this year, really damn good !!!!!
    Hit me up man, let me know what's happening.


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    1. muthafucka, i did and then i cut the tracks myself, couldn't get oldschoolmike's version since he was offline.