Sunday, January 23, 2011


First demo from Chicago maniacs Cülo. These guys are without a doubt the best band in Chicago at the moment. This demo didn't gain too much popularity for some reason, but I personally love it. It's more lo-fi than other Cülo releases being their demo, but it kills nonetheless. I feel like it's easier to hear the lack of bass on these tracks more so than on their other releases, not that that's necessarily a bad thing. Get this and find out for yourself, nerd.

More Cülo
Even more Cülo



  1. thanks for posting this! do you have the song titles?


  2. Most definitely:
    Suburban Vermin
    Hi-Fives For Our Lives
    Bathroom Breaks
    Make Me Straight
    They Made Me Mental
    Don't Care Pt. I

    If you split up the tracks could you send them to me? Unfortunately I don't have any sort of software to split any of it up. My email is

  3. Hey, I didn't post this, but I split tracks.
    Except I believe there is 7 tracks, not 6.
    I'm on Soulseek, or you can reach me by e-mail
    I split tracks for The Outs - Tape as well, if you have track titles for that also, would be great ! You need more stuff split, let me know.

  4. I split the tracks using Audacity (which is free BTW)
    here's the song lengths

    Suburban Vermin 1:51
    Hi-Fives For Our Lives 1:39
    Bathroom Breaks 0:22
    Make Me Straight 0:54
    They Made Me Mental 1:20
    Don't Care Pt. I 1:06


  5. I split the tracks with Audacity as well, i'm the same dude that split Low Threat Profile
    when it first came out. I split stuff all the time for people and bands around the world.
    Something not right about that Culo - Demo, I have 7 tracks, but you only have 6 song titles. I'd almost guarentee that some of your song lengths are not correct, and that you are missing a title.

  6. I don't really know man, I have the tape and there are only six track titles on the back of it. I'll talk to the dudes from the band and get back to y'all.

  7. Cool, Sounds good ! Track lengths I have are:
    Track 1 0:49
    Track 2 1:01
    Track 3 2:00
    Track 4 0:54
    Track 5 0:49
    Track 6 0:30
    Track 7 1:05
    Not 100% sure that's right, but if you listen to the Demo, i'm pretty sure Track 1 ends in 49 seconds. I have all sorts of stuff i've split and edited over the last couple years. I think I did a Poor Choice tape, and The Outs from this blog. If you want those let me know. I also have 2 recording Sessions of Culo at 13 Bels Sudios, one like 11 songs, the other I think 12 songs, with some covers. I split Live stuff for some bands as well.

  8. That sounds fucking awesome. Can you send me the live Culo stuff? My email is

  9. I got those two 13 bels sessions as well. Some of it appeared on Military Trend and the Mutant Music For Mutant People tape and well as the upcoming Toxic Vision 7"

  10. Listening to it again, I think you're right about song 1, but I think songs 5&6 is just one track. But I could be wrong.


  11. By god, you are correct sir :) 5 & 6 are the same song. Awesome, that solves that :) I just got Mutant People For Mutant Music, you wouldn't happen to have a tracklist for that would you ? Anyhow, thanks a million ! I'll try to make some files for stuff I edited, but if you have Souseek, that is best.

  12. Human Wreck
    Padded Hell
    I Used To Be The Shit
    A Look At Tomorrow (Discharge)
    School Was Bad...

    Side B is the Nuke Abuse 7"

  13. Hey man, if you are not familiar with Soulseek, e-mail me, i'll hook you up. I have the biggest library of hardcore in the world on there, old and new. All good fast shit, no emo, no pop punk, just pure fast HC from the last 30 something years !