Sunday, January 23, 2011

Low Threat Profile

So I was looking for records on the INTERNET (like a true punk) and the moment I saw this my heart started beating outta my fucking chest. I had no idea that this existed and after worshiping Low Threat Profile's debut 7" for roughly a year, I purchased this slab of wax without even giving it a second thought. This band features members of INFEST, No Comment, and Lack of Interest. On that note you should already know what to expect from this powerviolence behemoth: grinding and resonant guitars, a thick, heavy bass tone, and blast beats that stop on a fucking dime. My favorite part about this band is the drummer (Bob from Lack Of Interest). He's too fucking solid. The back of the sleeve indicates that the music was recorded in the fall of 2000 and that the vocals were recorded in the summer of 2010. Admittedly I did enjoy the 7" more than this record, but this is still one of my favorite LP's of 2011 thus far (although it may have just barely been released in 2010). Get this, dummy.
Product #2

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Link stolen from Trouble On Your System


  1. awesome, purely fucking awesome!

  2. rad, i won't have to rip my copy of this.