Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Ropes

I was very fortunate to pick this sucker up at the Manipulation record release show last night along with the legendary and infamous "Hearts And Heads Explode" and if you ask me, it's about fucking time. This tape, featuring the exact same members of The Repos, pretty much picks up where "Hearts And Heads" left off. The main difference is that there are a few more slower songs on this than on past Repos releases. However, the original intensity is still present; the powerful and rapid drumming, the blasting guitar riffs (with a fucking excellent tone), and my personal favorite part, the menacing vocals. They simply cannot be topped by any other hardcore vocalist. The more and more I listen to this the more it pulls me in. I listened to it at least six times on the car ride home.


  1. cool!
    tracklist please)

  2. punks don't own cars, asshole.

    Forward Defeat
    For The Blitz
    Blood Gut Twins
    Valium Cocoon

  4. this sounds like a pussy's favorite music

  5. Please take this down. Shoot me an email and I'll give you something unreleased to post instead. Joe from the Ropes.